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What do we mean by a ‘challenge?’

Challenge-led innovation (sometimes called ‘mission-oriented innovation’) is an approach that brings together diverse partners to collaborate around a specific opportunity, challenge or need. 

Grounded in codesign, powered by partnership and drawing on elements of start-up acceleration, we’re privileging the voices of rangatahi and young people, along with whānau and trusted adults to identify and address system gaps for transformative change in youth wellbeing.

Together, we’re lighting the path for a resilient future – join us.

Join us to make a change, together

We all try our best to support and help the young people in our lives, yet the mental health and wellbeing of young people across Aotearoa New Zealand is in crisis. It’s time to try something different.

Ember Innovations, Managed Moves and the Paihere Charitable Trust are working with communities across the North Auckland region to explore how we can all work together to create transformative change that supports the mental health and wellbeing of young people. We’ve been listening to and working with young people, whānau and other trusted adults who work with young people to understand where the opportunities are to amplify and build on what is already working, as well as to remove those things which are getting in the way.

These insights form the basis for our call to action which you will find on this site. We are looking for those with ideas that will make a real difference to youth wellbeing. We also need supporters with the knowledge, network or resources to help make those ideas a reality.

Calling innovators

Are you are an innovator, changemaker, someone with a brilliant idea or an innovative programme or project? If you believe that you can make a transformative difference to youth mental health and wellbeing then we want hear from you.

Calling supporters

Do you have the knowledge, experience, skills, resources, tools, or networks to help turn great ideas and innovative approaches into real life positive impact? We need your help. Join us and our other diverse supporters, offering skills, funding or sharing your experiences.